Audi unveils working concept of Pop.Up Next air taxi

The Pop.Up Next air taxi concept was developed by Audi in partnership with subsidiary Italdesign and aerospace giant Airbus.

The concept has an important feature - it is modular, thanks to which it will be able to transport passengers both by land and by air. Pop.Up Next consists of three separate modules. A 60 kW (80 hp) electric chassis is attached to the passenger capsule to form an electric vehicle. At the same time, using a special application, passengers will be able to call the flying module at any time (for example, hopelessly stuck in a traffic jam) and, having connected with it, arrive at their destination by air.

The flying module is docked with the automobile module in its upper part. The electric car itself is designed for a range of 50 km, thanks to a 70 kW battery. The control system is represented by a touch screen with face recognition, voice recognition and eye tracking.

The current 1: 4 scale Pop.Up Next model was presented in Amsterdam during the annual drone week, where it successfully demonstrated all its functions.