The design of a unique submarine of the future was suggested by sperm whales

One of the French defense companies has unveiled the concept of the all-electric submarine SMX-31, which is different from all existing ones. The fact is that the creation of many of its elements was "prompted" by sperm whales. The concept was presented at the Paris exhibition Euronaval 2018.

The most noticeable feature that makes the SMX-31 look like a whale is the lack of a deckhouse. The boat is equipped with retractable hydrofoils, and its hull has an unusual coating in the form of hexagons with integrated sensors. Its movement will be provided by two water jet propellers. The boat consists of two hulls - a light outer hull and a durable inner hull.

The length of the submarine is 70 meters, the height and width are 13.8 meters each, the displacement is 3400 tons, the maximum speed is 20 knots, the maximum immersion depth is more than 250 meters. The SMX-31 will be armed with torpedoes and missiles (46 units in total). Crew - 15 people, power reserve 30-45 days depending on battery capacity.

It can also carry underwater unmanned vehicles, including the 6-seat, third-generation Propulsor Sous-Marins combat swimmer delivery vehicle.