Arc Vector electric bike comes with augmented reality helmet and feedback vest

At the Milan International Motor Show, the Vector concept motorcycle complex produced by the British company Arc will be presented. This is not just a bike and its accessories, but a system of closely interconnected cars, clothes and an information device. At least that's what the Vector developers promise to give riders a revolutionary experience.

All technical information about the ride performance and the stuffing of the motorcycle is kept secret. Even the Vector's appearance is a mystery, as long as it is only known that it uses an electric propulsion system. Among other electric bikes, it is distinguished by accessories - "smart" jacket and helmet, which provide control over the situation on the road.

For example, the Vector jacket is equipped with vibration mechanisms that can directly indicate which side the source of danger is approaching from, without having to check the rear-view mirrors. And if the user wants to listen to loud music, some of it will be transmitted through bone vibration, by analogy with the feeling of bass frequencies throughout the body. And no, this does not distract from control, on the contrary, a person merges with a motorcycle into a single mechanism that perceives the world around him differently.

Helmet for Vector uses a "heads-up display" and can display useful information directly on the plastic: speed, time, map, state of motorcycle components, etc. The system takes on the task of keeping track of thousands of useful little things and reports to the driver only about himself important. Therefore, you can fully concentrate on driving a motorcycle, receiving information visually, through hearing, with your whole body feeling the state of the car and the situation around.