Drone Rescue has developed emergency parachutes for UAVs

At the Intergeo 2018 exhibition, which opened on Tuesday in Frankfurt (Germany), the Austrian company Drone Rescue presented new emergency parachutes DRS-5 and DRS-10 for unmanned aerial vehicles, designed, respectively, for vehicles weighing up to 8 and up to 20 kg.

Both parachute models are packaged in a carbon fiber mesh container along with control sensors that operate independently of the drone. The system detects an emergency and within milliseconds ensures the deployment of the parachute even in case of loss of control from the ground. At the same time, the engines are stopped so that they do not damage the parachute and cause injuries to people upon landing.

In addition to the main models, Drone Rescue introduced the DRS-M600, a variant of the DRS-10, specifically for the popular DJI Matrice 600 (M600) drone.

The parachute system includes a Black Box flight data recorder that monitors the GPS data, altitude and acceleration of the drone.

According to a company press release, the emergency landing systems do not use pyrotechnic technologies, making them lighter, safer and more reliable in extreme situations. So, out of 100 test landings of UAVs weighing up to 4 kg with DRS-5, all 100 completed flawlessly. The start of deliveries of parachutes to customers is scheduled for the end of this year.