HyperloopTT introduced the first supersonic passenger car

Five years after its founding at an anniversary ceremony in Spain, HyperloopTT has unveiled a full-size passenger car for the future transportation system. This is no longer a prototype, but a car that will soon go to the research center in Toulouse to be tested on a real track. According to the co-founder of the company, Bebop Grest, the first passengers will be able to ride it in 2019.

The HyperloopTT capsule is 32 meters long, of which only 15 meters are in the passenger compartment itself. At the same time, the structure weighs very little, only 5 tons, and this was achieved through the use of a new composite material. As usual, the technical details are kept secret - instead, the developers said that the innovative material was named "Vibranium", by analogy with the super-alloy from the comics of the Marvel universe. By the way, the capsule itself was named "Quintero One".

HyperloopTT calls their brainchild the quintessence of five years of experience in developing batteries, vacuum pumps, composites and maglev systems. As a result, the output will be the most high-tech mode of transport, which can only be adjusted and adapted to international safety standards. This will take a few months, and by the end of 2019, the capsule must carry the first passengers.

The presentation came as a kind of surprise, as HyperloopTT operated behind closed doors, avoiding publicity. If the Quintero One can actually accelerate to the claimed 1230 km / h, breaking the speed of sound, then competitors in the face of Virgin Hyperloop One have no chance. Their prototypes are much better known to the media and the general public, but they have not yet driven faster than 390 km / h.