Suzuki Hayabusa is the fastest street bike in the world

At the recent Straightliners racing show at Elvington Airport, UK, racer Phil Hall set a new speed record for classic motorcycle designs. He managed to accelerate the modified Suzuki Hayabusa to a speed of 436 km / h, making this bike the fastest street bike in the world.

The Suzuki Hayabusa series was originally planned to achieve speed records in urban areas - a typical street bike in appearance, but with incredible speed qualities. The custom beast that Hall saddled also lacks outstanding features, from a distance it cannot be distinguished from an ordinary city bike. However, a new engine with a working chamber volume of 1547 cubic meters is hidden inside the body. see and turbocharged with a pressure of more than 310 kPa. This promises a power of almost 1000 hp. - what used to be inherent only in sports cars is now available to bikers.

In fact, before the race, the mechanics reduced the power of the bike by almost a quarter to reduce the risk to the pilot. Hall used a 3.2 km long runway, on which he managed to accelerate to 436 km / h. It was not easy - after the 300 km / h line, the rider had to make serious efforts to keep the car from overturning. And he succeeded, and yet another achievement fell into the box of Hayabusa's fame.