Iron Man jet suit with a capacity of 1050 hp. from. can now be bought in the UK

Richard Browning founded Gravity just a year ago, but during this time it has already become a well-known brand thanks to the creation of suits for individual flights. His latest achievement is the Iron Man suit, powered by a 1, 050 horsepower jet engine.

Iron Man is far from the first attempt to create a jet aircraft of this type. Richard Browning's predecessors are Yves Rossi with his jet-powered flying wing, Frankie Zapata with his Flyboard Air, and David Maiman with his JB-series jet kit.

A common drawback of these products is the low level of safety. Even the most advanced ballistic parachute will be powerless if the pilot falls from a height of over 30 meters. As a consequence, pilots have to be mostly content with flying at low altitudes.

Nevertheless, Iron Man is already on sale. The kit can be purchased from UK retail chain Salfridges for $ 447, 000. Taking into account the peculiarities of Iron Man, training is provided on a special virtual simulator, which is led by Richard Browning himself. True, for this you need to become the owner of a Diners Club plastic card and purchase the aircraft itself.

The fact that the flying suit of Iron Man is a reality can be seen from the video on YouTube, where Browning demonstrates his unique flying abilities and his skills.