What does it mean to ride an aircraft engine

Former Formula 1 racer from Brazil and now a manufacturer of concept motorcycles, Tarsu Markis has built an extremely unusual vehicle. This car can hardly be called a motorcycle - rather, a fantastic combination of a motor and two huge axleless wheels with a diameter of 90 cm.

The name of the bike, Dumont, is a reference to the popular myth in the country that the first to fly into the skies were not the Wright brothers, but the Brazilian engineer and aviation pioneer Alberto Santos Dumont. Patriotism hasn't stopped Brazilian engineers from tapping into a British engine, a six-cylinder aircraft Rolls-Royce that had been removed from a plane built back in the 1960s. After a major overhaul, it produces 300 hp.

Such power is too much for a motorcycle and even the presence of huge wheels does not allow you to get rid of the idea that the driver is seriously risking, sitting almost astride an aircraft engine. What is the maximum speed of a two-wheeled monster? Fuel consumption and where is the stock stored? What security measures are applied here? There are no answers yet, but the monstrous bike really exists and even drives on the roads of Brazil.