Canadians launch BlackFly passenger drone that does not require a pilot's license to fly

Canadian aircraft manufacturer Opener Inc. introduced a personal vehicle called BlackFly. It is a single-seater VTOL aircraft with an electric propulsion system. It is so simple and compact that it does not require a pilot's license to operate it.

BlackFly is a capsule with two rigid wing-consoles, on which are located eight electric motors with variable thrust propellers. In terms of its characteristics, it is closer to large commercial multicopters, and therefore has a symbolic relationship to civil aviation.

However, this did not prevent the creators of BlackFly from making a triple duplication of all nodes, adding a safety ballistic parachute and making the pilot's capsule in the form of a sealed boat, in case of splashdown instead of landing. The maximum flight speed is 100 km / h, the cruising range on one battery charge is up to 40 km, it will take about half an hour to recharge. Maneuverability still leaves much to be desired, but there is a button on the dashboard for automatic return to the point of departure.

In the current version, BlackFly flies well, but is not yet ready for commercial use, so there is no need to talk about the price and release date. According to its authors, flight safety is at the forefront, and although more than a thousand test launches have already been carried out, the tests continue. Lack of a pilot's license is not a hindrance, but you still have to pass a difficult test on the ability to control such a machine in the air.