Brava's new infrared oven heats up to 260 ° in one second

Kitchen space, food preparation, food storage, dishwashing are all fertile ground for the development of startups. And here more and more intriguing novelties appear, for example, the Brava brand has released an analogue of a microwave for lightning-fast heating of food. The peculiarity of the stove is that food is heated here by light sources in the visible and infrared range.

The technology of thermal processing of products using light irradiation in the infrared range has been known for several decades. And Brava did not reinvent the wheel, but presented a conceptually new version of such a stove. It is powered by six LED bulbs that create light in the visible and infrared spectrum.

It claims the oven can heat up to 260 ° C in less than a second, and the software provides fine control over the temperature inside. The radiation power of the lamps is monitored in real time using an application on a smartphone, where you can also look at the process through a 5-megapixel camera inside the oven. An alternative is a 5-inch touch screen of the stove itself, a control and monitoring body for the gadget.

Of course, Brava took care of attaching customers to the service, creating a line of related services, such as new recipes, separately purchased sets of semi-finished products, spices and various components, partner culinary accessories, etc. Just in case, the oven is not called "smart" due to the lack of such advanced features, but Brava promises "a new unique cooking experience." The cost of one copy in the basic configuration is $ 995, sales will begin in November this year.