Megayacht Ocea Nemo 50 ICE will combine military technology to conquer Antarctica

Representatives of the French shipyard Ocea have announced a project for a new ice-class megayacht, dubbed the Ocea Nemo 50 ICE. The idea to create such a vessel came after receiving orders for the construction of several innovative warships - the engineers borrowed the solutions there. For example, the hull is entirely made of aluminum and has a universal design for all latitudes and types of waters.

The future yacht is intended for autonomous cruises to places far from civilization, such as the vicinity of Antarctica. She is not afraid of collisions with icebergs, from which the light hull of the ship will simply bounce off upon impact, and the propellers and rudders are hidden behind structural skegs. The Nemo 50 ICE is unlikely to be able to make its way in heavy ice, but it is possible to drift in economical mode at a speed of 10 knots with a fuel supply of 70 tons for as much as 5, 000 nautical miles - a quarter of the equator.

The superyacht is powered by twin 1450 hp CAT C32 engines that provide a top speed of 16 knots (30 km / h) and a cruising speed of 14 knots (26 km / h). The engine compartment is designed in such a way that during normal operation it is limited to remote control, and in case of an accident, it is possible to get direct access to each unit from the outside. This significantly speeds up repairs away from the base - military technology in civilian shipbuilding.

With a hull length of 50 m and a weight of 499 tons, the ship is designed for only 10 crew members and the same number of guests. For the owner, full-fledged apartments are provided, with conditions for living and working, the rest will get spacious cabins. The yacht has a clear expeditionary function, it carries on board a solid supply of fresh water and food, plus it has a full range of equipment for disembarking and receiving boats, cutters, drones, scuba divers, etc.

There is no data yet on the cost of the superyacht, construction time and potential buyer.