The Swiss company Bucherer has released the most expensive motorcycle in the world

Bucherer has created a one-of-a-kind Harley-Davidson Blue Edition motorcycle. It is distinguished from other luxurious custom bikes, first of all, by its price - $ 1.9 million. But the set includes a branded Carl F. Bucherer Patravi TravelTec II wristwatch in a special design, plus a 5.4-carat diamond ring. By the way, the motorcycle dashboard has its own watch case with a winding mechanism.

The bike customization work was carried out by the Bünderbike studio, which took the famous Harley Softail Slim S motorcycle as a basis, disassembled it by screw and replaced all parts with new, designer versions within 2500 hours. Because of this, the performance of the car faded into the background, giving way to innovations that the Swiss came up with.

For example, this is the first motorcycle in the world whose engine is illuminated so that the owner can observe the movement of the gold-plated parts of the camshaft through a special window with bulletproof glass. The frame is welded, but you won't find a single seam. Before painting, the metal was coated with a silver primer, and on top of it six coats of special paint to achieve a unique shade of blue.

Most of the outer parts of the motorcycle are plated with rose silver, the controls are inlaid with small diamonds, all the assemblies are assembled by hand. Even the shelves for the legs are gilded, so it is difficult to imagine that someone would dare to ride this sparkling miracle through the city puddles. But, admittedly, this is not the purpose of the Blue Edition.