The world's only rotary-sail ferry launched in the Baltic Sea

On April 12, the Viking Grace ferry, owned by the Viking Line ferry company, began operating between the Finnish Turku and Stockholm. It is equipped with a propulsion system powered by liquefied natural gas and the so-called rotary sail, which allows the vessel to save fuel, reduce harmful emissions, noise level to a minimum and significantly improve the environmental performance of the route.

Rotary sail - development of the Finnish engineering company Norsepower Oy Ltd. It is powered by wind energy. The height of the cylindrical rotor is 24 meters with a diameter of 4 meters. The force acting on the rotor is perpendicular to the direction of the wind. Special sensors automatically determine the strength of the wind, after which at a certain moment they turn off the gas turbine and start the rotary sail.

Viking Grace has 880 cabins, can carry 2, 800 passengers and about 500 vehicles.