Richard "Iron Man" Browning flew the longest zipline in Europe

Until the problem of the "dead zone", that is, maintaining the safety of the pilot at altitudes up to 30 m, is not solved, personal jet suits will remain the lot of enthusiasts. Which only remains to show tricks and dream of the future commercialization of their developments. There are three clear leaders in the world today: David Meinem of Jetpack Aviation, Frankie Zapata with his Flyboard Air, and Richard Browning in the Gravity suit.

The other day, it was Browning who drew attention to himself, who decided to ride in his suit with jet engines on the zipline, and not anyhow, but the longest in Europe. We are talking about the Zip World Velocity 2 - over 1.5 km of zip-slide under the action of gravity among the Bangor Hills in Wales. You can ride here without a jet engine, but Browning did not come just for a ride.

Jet-powered flight, but on a reliable zipline is a great opportunity to test the speed modes of the Gravity suit without unnecessary risks. After all, as already mentioned, pilots still risk mortal risks on every sortie without exception. Browning was also interested in the suitability of the suit in conditions of a long flight in difficult conditions - a windy day was specially chosen for the tests.

The flight was successful, although the inventor admits that controlling the power of the 1000-horsepower Gravity was not easy. He managed to accelerate to a speed of 90 km / h, which, given the terrible aerodynamic shape of the bulky equipment, is quite good. Richard Browning appreciated the beauty of the view from above and was extremely pleased with the flight.