Curtiss Warhawk: motorcycle inspired by WWII fighter jet

Earlier this year, American motorcycle manufacturer Confederate announced its renaming as Curtiss. In honor of Glenn Curtiss, a pioneer in aircraft and motorcycle construction, holder of several outstanding records from the beginning of the last century. This decision looks somewhat contradictory and even blasphemous, because along with the rebranding, the company also buries the tradition of producing classic bikes with V-twin motors.

Confederate has been producing designer and collectible V-twin motorcycles for 27 years with a true American spirit. In this area, a certain audience and traditions have developed - according to statistics, of the 250 most expensive and famous motorcycle models ever sold at auction, 75% were cars with classic V-twin engines. People like them, but times are inevitably changing.

Confederate executives, now Curtiss, have announced their move to building electric motorcycles, the first of which may be unveiled to the public at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering in May 2018. And to draw the line, end the era, the company will release a limited edition V-twin Curtiss Warhawk. The first motorcycle with the word "Curtiss" in its name in 110 years and it is also the last.

The series consists of 35 pieces, the starting price is $ 105, 000, but it will change significantly, because the Curtiss Warhawk has already been called a collectible rarity. Therefore, their technical characteristics do not really matter, in fact, this is a redesign of the Confederate P51 Fighter model with a 150-horsepower classic V-twin engine. The last chance for lovers to touch the legend.