Tidal Turbine Reaches Record Performance in a Year

Scottish engineering firm Scotrenewables Tidal Power, leader in tidal turbine development, has announced that its prototype 2 MW SR2000 turbine has generated 3 GWh of renewable energy over a year of continuous operation in the Orkney Islands. This is more than all local tidal power plants have produced in the previous 12 years.

The SR2000 is 64 meters long, with a diameter at its widest point of 3.8 meters. Unlike previous models, which were anchored to the bottom using anchor systems, the SR2000 sits on the surface of the water like a ship, and its rotor, which collects tidal energy and regulates power, is at a depth of 16 meters. The energy generated was sufficient to supply a quarter of all the electricity needs of the Orkney Islands, located off the northern coast of Scotland.

The SR2000 isn't the first Scotrenewables Tidal Power product. Four more tidal turbines are successfully operating in the Pentland Firth. Inspired by the success, the company's specialists are working on the creation of another 2 MW turbine as part of the Horizon 2020 program, which is funded by the European Union.

The tidal power units are expected to provide the UK with £ 1.4bn of electricity by 2030, exporting it and creating an additional 4, 000 jobs.