Intel Invests $ 100 Million in Air Taxi Project

Leading aerospace companies Boeing, Airbus and NASA have been investing heavily in the development of electric air taxis lately. Most recently, they were joined by Joby Aviation, led by Joby Bevirt. The company's project is an airplane with 16 electric motors worth $ 100 million. Investors in the project include Toyota, Intel, and JetBlue.

For the first time it became known about the project in 2015. The developers used a sophisticated, specially designed engine tilt system, thanks to which the aircraft takes off vertically and, after climbing, goes into level flight.

The device is designed to carry five passengers over a distance of 240 km (one charge) at a speed faster than the speed of modern helicopters and with a noise level 100 times quieter than aircraft during takeoff and landing. Initially, the cost of an air taxi will be slightly higher compared to conventional aircraft, but according to Joby Bevirt, these costs will pay off over time due to the cheaper electric traction.

At the moment, the development team is working in three main areas: creation of a highly reliable security system; noise reduction; optimization of range and speed. The timing of the start of serial production and the cost of the car are still unknown.