Spanish hybrid drone Hybrix.20 sets world record for flight duration

The capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles are constantly growing. The Spanish company Quaternium UAV has developed a hybrid benzoelectric quadcopter HYBRIX.20.

This unique combination has already allowed the device to set the world record for autonomous flight - 4 hours and 40 minutes. In comparison, most commercially available drones are capable of staying in the air for no more than half an hour.

HYBRIX.20 has an enviable payload - up to 4 kg, which allows it to be equipped with a variety of payloads in the form of a TV / IR camera, lidar, GNSS RTK L1 (L2) receiver, ADS-B transponder. The drone is quickly brought into working order and is easy to operate.

The takeoff weight of the HYBRIX.20 is 20 kg, the maximum flight altitude is up to 2500 meters, the maximum speed is 80 km / h. It retains its performance in the temperature range from -10 to + 45 ° C. The consumed fuel is AI92.

As conceived by the developers, the drone will find application in monitoring crops, vast territories, various infrastructure facilities, security and delivery of goods.