SKYF Russian hybrid multicopter will do the hard work

This chunky drone can carry up to 250kg of cargo and stay aloft for 8 hours. SKYF has an interesting hybrid design: it uses the power and endurance of an internal combustion engine to climb and the momentarily released torque of electric motors for control and stabilization.

It looks like workhorses like these will play a huge role in the industry, overtaking even flying cars in popularity. Easier, cheaper and more reliable than helicopters, mule copters can revolutionize cargo delivery.

Interestingly, the gasoline engine does not look like an alien link in the SKYF design. It gives a lot of power and can be quickly refilled. However, the internal combustion engine is a rather inert thing and cannot immediately react to a changed situation. Therefore, in combination with two large propellers, closed on the internal combustion engine, the copter uses 4 electric propellers.

The SKYF air platform developed by the Russian company ARDN Technology is designed for the delivery of heavy cargo and long voyages. The current range of the vehicle is limited to an impressive 350 kilometers. Flight altitude - from 5 to 3000 meters. Dimensions - 5.2 x 2.2 meters.

The field of application of a heavy copter - from cargo transportation and industrial tasks to extinguishing fires and agricultural work.