New RXP-X 300 jet ski can challenge the Bugatti Chiron

Sea-Doo's new RXP-X 300 is powered by a 300 hp powertrain. At first glance, quite modest - but not for a device weighing only 400 kg. With this weight-to-power ratio, this jet ski can outperform even the land-based champion, the Bugatti Chiron supercar.

In fact, the RXP-X 300 is not built for record acceleration from standstill or top speeds, but for perfect maneuvering. As the creators of the jet ski joke, it will enter a corner at a speed of 110 km / h as a standard, whether it is with you in the seat or not. This is achieved through the use of rear sponsons - wing-shaped elements that touch the water only during the roll and create an additional fulcrum.

The new jet ski does not jump on the water, but cuts through its thickness, and if you do not purposefully look for big waves, the ride at high speed will be softer than in a limousine. The software of Sea-Doo's new brainchild balances around the optimal speed of 100 km / h and the car compensates for the driving flaws on its own. But if you want to accelerate at your own peril and risk - please.

The Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 is marketed as a racing car and, in terms of investment, is one of the cheapest water cars around. With a price of $ 15.4 thousand and a length of less than 4 m, the jet ski is comparable in driving performance to a boat with two 300-horsepower motors. But for such a kit you will have to pay much more.