What a 500 watt LED is capable of

When scientists and engineers create new technologies, it is imperative that they strive to maximize their productivity. A recent example is the 500W Daylight 5600K LED indicator manufactured by the Chinese company Yuji.

It can only be compared with a super-powerful LED flashlight, which was created by amateur inventor Sam Shepard. He achieved a brightness of 72, 000 lumens by bringing together an array of eight LED panels and a special water cooling system.

The Daylight 5600K also has a water-cooled radiator, but the light source itself is much smaller than Shepard's flashlight (instead of eight large panels - one LED). At the same time, you will have to pay for power and compactness - Daylight 5600K costs $ 500 per piece.

However, it is not so easy to find a practical application for such a bright LED. At the current stage of technology development, the bottleneck of powerful LED elements is efficient heat dissipation and dissipation. But just look what this artificial sun is capable of!