US to protect its crops from bird invasions with laser cannons

For hundreds of years, to protect fields from invasions of birds, people have used scarecrows - primitive stuffed animals in old rags. Today, most birds simply do not react to them, and the size of the farmland has become much larger. And here modern laser technologies unexpectedly came to the aid of farmers.

Laser scares have recently been installed on a farm in Oregon, the popular Internet publication ZDNet reported. The owner of the farm, Mr. Meduri, said that as a result of raids by robins and starlings, he loses a quarter of the harvest each year, worth about $ 100, 000. To protect himself from uninvited guests, Meduri has installed six Agrilaser installations around the perimeter of his farm.

Agrilaser is solar powered. Each laser shot is perceived by birds as the approach of a predator, and they fly away in panic. In order not to subject the crews of approaching (or taking off) aircraft to unintentional laser "attacks", the developers deliberately limited the "affected area" of the installation to a safe level.