The largest airship in the world will be adapted for luxury travel

The British company Hybrid Air Vehicles has announced the launch of two tourism and travel projects next year, in which a new type of airship will be the main element. The model will be based on the Airlander 10 model, the world's largest aircraft, which is still undergoing testing.

The first initiative of the British is devoted to the organization of expeditions and voyages for individuals on an airship. At the initial stage, those who bought a ticket will simply be allowed on board the flying colossus "for familiarization", but in the end it is planned to come to certified flights to exotic corners of the planet. And it doesn't matter that you will have to fly longer than by plane - such a leisurely flight over the beauties of the planet itself is the main service.

The second task is to lift restaurants, luxury saloons and even mini-theaters into the sky. The dimensions and design of airships make it possible to create huge, in comparison with an aircraft, living quarters, with panoramic windows, 5-star interiors, etc. The design studio Design Q, which has already won a grant from the Ministry of Tourism of New Zealand, was entrusted to implement the old idea in a new format - they want to attract wealthy tourists there.

The Airlander 10 model is best suited for this purpose. She can lift up to 10, 000 kg of payload and stay in the air for almost a week without refueling. The airship takes off like an airplane, from a conventional airfield, and therefore does not need special mooring masts. The cruising speed is 148 km / h, the device can rise to an altitude of 6 km and cross entire continents in one flight.