The fastest electric bike in the world travels at a speed of 115 km / h

The Gulas Pi1S is an e-bike - a pedal-powered vehicle that can accelerate through the use of an electric propulsion system. Its power is 38 hp, which provides a light machine with a maximum speed of 115 km / h. At the moment, this is one of the best indicators in the class.

The electric bike weighs not like a bicycle, but closer to motorcycles, 128 kg. Rigid suspension, telescopic fork, horizontal rear shock absorber, 10 / 70R17 wheels at the front and 130 / 70R17 at the rear - everything indicates that it belongs to motorcycles. And you will probably have to put on a motorcycle body protection, not to mention a helmet, since with a torque of 100 Nm, a rare traffic inspector will agree that this is just a bike for riding.

If you are too lazy to pedal, you can rely on the electric motor and battery. Two versions of batteries are available for the Pi1S, for 6.5 kWh with a trip duration of up to 125 km or for 10 kWh and 200 km. The price directly depends on this factor, so get ready to part with $ 23 thousand or $ 34 thousand for this or that modification. Such a lot of money is not the biggest price to pay for the pleasure of overtaking a limousine on the track on a "bicycle" with pedals.

The only caveat: there is no combined mode, you will have to go either on the pedals and slowly, or on the electric motor and quickly. An attempt to combine the two options can end in disaster - the bike's aerodynamics are not suitable for bold experiments.