A drone defibrillator will provide emergency care for a heart attack

The unique mobility of drones has already been appreciated in many areas, for example, when delivering goods directly to the customer's door. The authors of the Flirtey startup (USA) went further, deciding to use drones to urgently send defibrillators to a patient who has serious heart problems.

This idea is not new. Back in 2014, a prototype ambulance drone was developed at the University of Delft (Netherlands), designed to deliver a defibrillator to the patient's place. The drone was equipped with a built-in webcam, thanks to which the operator (resuscitator), observing what was happening, told those nearby how to use the defibrillator by radio communication.

This year, a study at Karolinska University in Sweden found that defibrillator drones arrive four times faster than conventional emergency services, which is extremely important in cardiac arrest when minutes are counting.

Flirtey has teamed up with Domino, 7-Eleven, NASA, and the US Regional Emergency Service, REMSA, to implement its project.

As soon as the appropriate system is created, REMSA, having received a call about a heart attack from the 911 service, will send an ambulance to the place of the call, at the same time sending a drone with a defibrillator, and on its own route and along the shortest path. Fast delivery is designed to ensure that someone around you can start resuscitation before the arrival of an ambulance.