Tilt Ranger Cave Drone Can Fly and Ride Underground

Flying drones are guided in space using GPS. However, satellite signals are not capable of penetrating deep underground. Experts from the Swedish company Inkonova, led by Ahmed Alnomani, have developed an unusual drone capable of navigating, flying and driving in underground space.

The Tilt Ranger drone travels underground with a laser scanner system using a technique called SLAM. Thanks to him, he can calculate the distance between himself and nearby objects. Based on the data received, the device quickly creates a digital map of the surrounding area.

The company recently used its drone to survey and map an underground mine in Mali. It took only 10 minutes to draw up a detailed map of the site with a volume of approximately 30, 000 cubic meters. meters. Moreover, according to the developers, mapping such volumes of space in such a short time does not pose any difficulty for the robot.

Inkonova drones are of interest for exploring closed spaces where GPS signals cannot penetrate. Not so long ago, the company participated in the mapping of the premises of one of the abandoned nuclear power plants. Work was suspended only because of fears that the drone's rotating propellers would raise radioactive dust inside the premises.