African company wants to supply Europe with solar energy from the Sahara

The energy company "TuNur" is lobbying with might and main to build a colossal solar power plant in the Sahara, which will be able to supply energy to Malta, Italy and France. As part of this project, they are going to build a solar battery park with a total capacity of 4.5 GW in the desert. And to transfer the generated energy to European countries via submarine cables.

The logic of businessmen is simple - as soon as the topic of energy independence and diversification of supplies is being actively discussed in Europe, they will not be hindered by another source of energy. The sun in the Sahara shines twice as intensely as on the northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, which means that the cost of energy generated here will be lower. That is, the project is primarily beneficial to investors - they only need to spend $ 6 billion.

They want to start the construction of solar power plants in 2018, extend the first submarine cable to Malta in 2021, start supplying electricity to Italy in a year, and reach France by 2024. Sounds ambitious, but here's the catch - TuNur's technical partner, Nur Energie, has only built two modest solar facilities so far. Can she manage such a large project?

But the biggest problem lies in Tunisia itself, where many residents see what is happening only as a legitimate attempt to take their land and its resources into their hands. Even if we are talking only about the desert and the ruthless scorching sun, now Western capital considers it a value and seeks to usurp the right to dispose of them. And does Europe really need electricity from the Sahara, the tenth thing.