The family rebuilt a naval helicopter into a luxury villa

Martin and Louise Steadman have transformed a decommissioned Sea King naval helicopter into a tiny but incredibly beautiful, fashionable "hunting lodge" in the Scottish Highlands. It is called "Helicopter Glamping" and can accommodate only five guests, but they can live with complete, if not excessive comfort.

The Steedmans just bought a helicopter at an auction for $ 9, 000 by the way, transported it to their camping site and engaged in a design "renovation". I had to buy some additional parts on Ebay so that the outside of the helicopter looked like the original. Along the way, it turned out that agricultural paint for fences is no worse than a naval coating, and the shade is exactly the same - "severe gray".

The internal seven-meter space of the helicopter's cabin was divided into large and small bedrooms, plus a living room and a veranda in the cockpit, with a large panoramic glass. In place of the bulky sonar, a shower stall appeared, there was also a place for a mini-kitchen, while it was possible to preserve the helicopter's dashboard and original lighting system - it works especially effectively at night.

Was it worth the candle? The total budget of the project, including the purchase of the rotorcraft, was about $ 52 thousand, and now the Steedmans plan to rent it to guests at $ 195 per night. Plus, the handsome, imposing giant has become a new camping element, a kind of decoration. Its appearance is intriguing - it seems that a high-ranking guest has arrived on the lawn with a guard of honor. And a huge helicopter is about to take off into the sky, but no.