EnergySail Rigid Solar Panels - New Sails for the 21st Century Ships?

Eco Marine Power is going to present a mechanism next year that will allow marine transport to use both the power of the wind and the energy of the sun for movement. These are huge arrays of solar cells on a carbon fiber frame mounted on the deck of a ship. Thanks to their large area, they capture enough light and wind to generate additional energy for the needs of the crew.

The novelty is called EnergySail (energy sail), for the first time it will be shown to the general public in 2018, after the route for the test sail is determined. It will last 12-18 months and may be around the world. Engineers have no doubts about the usefulness of their brainchild, which cannot be said about managers and logisticians. Calculating how much sun and wind there will be along the route of the ship is archi- tectural and the economic benefit from the project is not at all obvious.

The test ship will be equipped not only with EnergySail sails, but also with an array of batteries, plus other equipment for flexible manipulation of electric energy flows. Experiments will be constantly carried out on it in order to determine the optimal modes of using the sails. How will they behave in bad weather, is it worth deploying the sail at anchorage in the port, will the ship's handling deteriorate if there are such massive objects on board?

Possible candidate for EnergySail installation

But Eco Marine Power is not going to limit itself to developing breakthrough technology. And the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere, due to the refusal of diesels and internal combustion engines on ships, they are interested in the second place. The primary goal is the creation of a sailing fleet of the new century, a large-scale commercial project. To this end, they have already enlisted the support of the logistics giant Hisafuku Kisen K.K, which specializes in shipping.