Moller sells an old flying car to create a new one

Today, there are dozens of startups on the Internet offering flying car concepts. It is too early to talk about their serial production and sale. Nevertheless, it is already possible to buy a flying car.

Moller has announced the sale on eBay of a 16-year-old prototype of the Skycar M 400 flying car, however, with one significant caveat: it is still not allowed to fly because there are no appropriate flight permits. However, the founder of the company, Paul Moller, promised to help a potential buyer with their design. It is also possible that the car can be purchased simply as an exhibit in a private collection.

As Techcult found out, Moller is far from a beginner in aircraft construction. It was created more than half a century ago and is now going through far from the best times, being in fact on the verge of bankruptcy. She hopes to sell her brainchild - Skycar M 400 for 5, 000, 000 dollars, and invest the proceeds in the creation of a new flying saucer - Neuera 200. Alas, there are no people willing to buy the first flying retro car yet.