New class drone Textron Nightwarden presented at Paris Air Show

For a combat drone to be successful and effective, it doesn't need to be large. The manufacturing company Textron is positioning its offspring as a "killer" of both tactical and strategic UAVs from among those that are in service with NATO countries. The newest, promising platform - nothing more, nothing less.

The Nightwarden is a combination wing design with an original triangular tail rudder and a single push motor. Water cooling, minimal noise and high power - the drone can move at a speed of 166 km / h for 15 hours. The maximum flight range is limited to 1100 km and the carrying capacity is 59 kg.

The new Nightwarden is an impressive 2012 Shadow M2. Among the main innovations are support for the SATCOM option package, fully automated take-off and landing, including emergency conditions, multifunctionality. In two cargo compartments, you can place both ammunition boxes for dropping in the desired area, as well as electronic warfare weapons or communications systems.

The Nightwarden drone has already flown 400 hours of training flights in Europe, the Middle East and over the Pacific Ocean, having completed takeoff and landing even in an open field, as well as using a parachute. This machine does not have a "favorite" region or type of work, it is intended to be a flexible piece of network-centric warfare hardware and be used as widely as the customer desires. At least that's what Textron promises.