Finpo Waterglider discovers a new way to "row the oars" for movement on water

If this startup succeeds, the phrase "dry the oars" will turn from a household word to a literal one. This boat does not need them at all for movement on water, but it does not have an engine either. Only a mechanism based on a simple lever located in the center of the structure.

The control of the Finpo Waterglider is most reminiscent of riding on an old manual railcar - a person pushes the vertical lever back and forth, completely not bothering to observe the technique of performing the exercise. As they say, a child can handle it too. Several gears convert these movements into rotation of a set of plates under the bottom of the boat - this is how it floats.

The dimensions of the transport and pleasure vehicle are 3, 6 by 0, 9 m, it is designed according to the principle of a kayak with a flat deck and is designed for 1-2 passengers. The developers promise excellent stability even in small waves, and the handle itself is also a handrail to hold on to in waves. The height of the handle is adjustable for people of different heights, but the maximum carrying capacity of the boat is small, only 170 kg.

The boat's hull material is polyethylene foam, the working mechanisms are made of stainless steel. Dismantling the power plant for repair or debugging takes literally a few minutes, and in its absence, the boat can be used as an ordinary raft. Although it is quite expensive - the authors of the startup intend to sell Finpo Waterglider at $ 2250 apiece.