The legendary Jawa 350 motorcycle received an updated engine

The history of one of the most famous motorcycle manufacturers of the Czech company Jawa goes back 88 years. At one time, millions of Soviet motorists dreamed of becoming the owner of the famous "Java". The most popular models in the 50-60s were the Jawa-250 and 350. In 1987, the three-millionth motorcycle rolled off the assembly line.

Unlike many industrial giants of the collapsed socialist camp, Jawa survived the dashing 90s and still produces cars of a famous brand, in particular the very 350th model, the last update of which was in 1991.

However, modern environmental standards have practically banned the export of the Jawa 350 to Western markets due to the old two-stroke engine, which dates back to the 40s.

As a result, an updated model was born - the Jawa 350 OHC with a new four-stroke engine. True, it should be noted that this motor is a modified version of the engine of the Chinese bike Shineray XY400, which, in turn, is a copy of the Japanese Honda XR400.

With a new Chinese 27 hp engine. from. the motorcycle is capable of speeds up to 130 km / h, fully complying with the European toxicity standards - Euro-4. Its weight with an empty tank is 160 kg. Particularly attractive to Western consumers is the price of a motorcycle - from $ 3870.