Volocopter 2: updated air taxi received replaceable batteries

A year ago, the German company e-volo launched an incredible 18-motor Volocopter with a live person at the helm into the sky. A redesigned version of the device was presented this week. This is the same two-seater passenger multicopter on electric traction with vertical take-off and landing, which has come one step closer to being used as an air taxi.

The appearance of the second version of Volocopter has not changed much. Although the manufacturer himself claims that it has become more sporty, and the copter itself has turned from an experimental concept into a version ready for mass production.

From technical innovations, a system of quick battery replacement appeared, which allows replacing the battery in a matter of minutes and continuing the flight. Thanks to her, the copter will be able to boast of high air mobility. The design of the aircraft assumes both remote control and autonomous flight.

It is expected that in the near future the vehicle will be certified, and in 2018 the first demonstration flights of Volocopter 2 will take place as an air taxi, after which it will be possible to talk about its serial production.