The world's first "civilian" nuclear submarine is being assembled in Russia

Alma mater of the absolute majority of domestic combat submarines - the St. Petersburg Central Design Bureau "Rubin" is completing the design of the world's first purely "peaceful" nuclear submarine. Instead of launchers of deadly missiles, peaceful robots and research underwater drones will settle in its mines.

The place of "work" of the future submarine is the water area of ​​the Arctic, the main purpose is geological exploration using special underwater unmanned vehicles.

Externally, the nuclear submarine will practically not differ from combat submarines, including its impressive dimensions - about 140 meters long and 14.5 meters wide, the speed is about 13 knots per hour, the maximum depth is up to 400 meters. The boat will be able to autonomously sail for up to 3 months, its crew is 40 people. The project is supposed to be completed by 2022.