Dutch scientist proposed the concept of a circular runway

Henk Hesselink, a researcher at the National Aerospace Laboratory of the Netherlands, proposed a completely unusual concept of a circular runway - Endless Runway.

A traditional runway is a fairly long, solid engineering structure. Its dimensions and characteristics may vary depending on the class of the airport. The Achilles' heel of any runway is a strong crosswind that can cause serious problems for aircraft taking off and landing.

According to the calculations of the author of the concept, aircraft will be able to take off from a circular strip in any direction, depending on the situation. Moreover, several aircraft could use it at the same time.

However, you shouldn't think that we are talking about a giant big circle. The circular runway should have a slight incline towards the center, like a treadmill, to avoid skidding when cornering. According to Hesselink's plan, its diameter will be 2.2 km, and the circumference - 6.2 km.

To ensure that their calculations were correct, Hesselink and his team performed computer simulations based on the Paris airport. Charles de Gaulle. The researchers found that a circular airstrip would be more efficient. In this case, the circumference will be equal to the length of three runways, and the capacity will correspond to the capabilities of four lanes.

In addition, landing planes do not have to overcome strong crosswinds, and airlines can save on fuel.