Yamaha Unveils Remotely Operated Rice Field Mini Boat

Growing rice is an extremely painstaking and physically difficult manual labor associated with constant being in water. Not long ago, the Japanese government issued a directive to cut rice cultivation costs by 40%.

In response, one of the world leaders in the production of motor vehicles, Yamaha, has developed a remotely controlled mini-boat Water Strider, designed for sowing and subsequent treatment of rice seedlings with herbicides.

The length of the boat is 1.6 m, and the draft is only 5 cm, which provides him with high maneuverability when working in rice fields in remote control mode. The body is made of lightweight reinforced plastic.

Spraying of herbicides is carried out using the air flow created by the blades rotating with the help of a motor. For storage of herbicides, special removable tank cassettes are provided. The Water Strider is specially painted in bright colors to be more visible in the rice paddies.