Hyperloop One: built a full-size test track

Invented by Elon Musk, and now independently implemented by several companies, the Hyperloop project is moving into practice. In the state of Nevada, the construction of a 500-meter experimental track has been completed, which will test a new ultra-high-speed transport system.

The first 139-kilometer branch of the startup Hyperloop One will connect Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In the beginning, it will be used to transport goods. In the future, if Hyperloop proves its effectiveness, passenger traffic will begin. According to the project participants, it will quickly pay for itself. Up to 4, 000 vehicles travel along this route every day, creating traffic jams that cost the UAE economy up to $ 800 million in lost work hours.

Many countries have already shown interest in the project, in particular in Russia and Finland. The new technology will possibly form the basis of the world's bullet transport system. The nearest perspective is the creation of a transport network in the Persian Gulf region, as well as the development of underwater supersonic transport.