The largest airship of our time, Airlander 10, is ready to return to the sky after an accident

For six months, the giant was pinned to the ground - engineers were engaged in repairs, administrators discussed the feasibility of further flights. Despite the fact that none of the crew members were injured in last year's August accident, the airship severely damaged the cockpit. The landing was hard and shameful, and the video of the awkward "splash" of the huge colossus gained millions of views on YouTube.

Formally, nothing extraordinary happened, because the Airlander 10 made only the second test flight and incidents were expected. The reason for the delay in returning to the fifth ocean is probably related to the investigation of the details of the incident. Hybrid Air said they had dealt with all the problems, but tactfully kept silent about their nature.

If the developers of the airship really solved the issues of difficult landings, then the next test for the Airlander 10 will be long autonomous flights. According to the specification, the hybrid vehicle can remain in the air for weeks on end and at the same time, unlike the balloons carried by the winds, do useful work, replacing the helicopters. The secret is that only 60% of the lift of the Airlander 10 is formed by the shell with helium, the remaining 40% is provided by the aerodynamic shape of the wings.

With dimensions of 92 × 43 × 26 m and a carrying capacity of up to 10 tons, the hybrid airship bears the unofficial title of "the largest aircraft in the world." But much more often, including the creators of the Airlander 10 themselves, he is called the "flying ass" - for the characteristic silhouette of the double body.