Wind generator simulating the movement of hummingbird wings unveiled in Tunisia

Nature continues to generously share its know-how with man. Recently, Tunisian company Tyer Wing introduced wind generators with unusual blades that mimic the movements of hummingbird wings.

The inventor of the unusual wind turbine, Anis Aouini, already became famous for the creation of the unconventional Saphon turbine in 2012. The hummingbird's flying manner attracted him primarily because it allows the tiny birds to stay in the air for long hours.

The blades with two vertical axes are made of carbon fiber. The length of the blades is 1.6 m, and the total unfolded area is 3.56 sq. m. This is a very compact size compared to the classic three-blade turbine. The rated power of the turbine is 1 kW.

It produces less noise during operation, is safer for migratory birds, has an unusual unobtrusive design and allows for a higher density of turbines. Once testing is complete, the company intends to build larger land and sea versions of them.