South Korea plans to create its own hyperloop-style hypertrain network

South Korea may soon have a transport system that will carry passengers at the speed of sound. It is being developed by the Korean Government Railway Research Institute (KRRI). The innovative system will be hypersonic trains traveling through low-pressure pipes at a speed of about 1000 km / h.

For example, such a train will be able to deliver passengers from Seoul to Busan in just half an hour, while the same journey will take 50 minutes by plane, or more than five hours by regular public transport.

To achieve this goal, KRRI has teamed up with several institutes and Hanyang University in Seoul. Korean engineers face the same challenges as other companies developing the Hyperloop system - for example, they need to overcome air resistance.

Hypersonic trains use magnetic levitation, which removes the frictional force that slows down normal transport - however, air resistance is still a problem. According to representatives of KRRI, they will present their developments in this area "in the near future."