Drone air traffic control system under development in Singapore

In the near future, the sky over the largest metropolitan areas will become crowded with an ever-growing number of drones performing a wide variety of functions. It is quite natural that sooner or later there will be a need to create a unified UAV air traffic control system.

This is the system that specialists from Nanyang Technological University are developing for Singapore. The system includes take-off and landing sites, as well as the creation of special air corridors for drones. At the same time, they will be at a safe distance from strategic infrastructure facilities - airports and power plants.

To coordinate flights, special stations will be installed, which will be entrusted with the functions of monitoring compliance with the UAV flight regime.

Since existing technologies do not yet allow to translate all these ideas into practice, one of the goals of the project is to develop additional functionality for controlling drones. New capabilities will include smart steering, the ability to navigate a safe route, and predict and avoid collisions with other air traffic participants.