Faster and cheaper than the Concorde: the concept of a passenger supersonic aircraft

13 years ago, the only at that time in the world supersonic passenger aircraft Concorde was sent to "retire", which, alas, was largely "contributed" to the plane crash with his participation, which killed 113 people. Last but not least, it should be mentioned that the flight across the ocean for financial reasons was not available to everyone.

And now the idea of ​​supersonic passenger flights is again waiting for its embodiment, but at a more modern level. American startup Boom Technologies has presented a prototype of a new supersonic passenger aircraft.

Compared to its famous predecessor, it will be more economical and, most importantly, more affordable for most passengers, which should ensure the commercial success of air travel.

According to the start-up participants, new technologies will significantly reduce the costs of developing and creating the aircraft of the future. This will bring the fares for flights up to the level of the business class of a regular airliner.

Its approximate characteristics are as follows: the speed is Mach 2, 2, which is 2, 6 times faster than that of a conventional passenger aircraft. To cover the distance from London to New York with 45 passengers on board he will need only 3 hours and 15 minutes, which is even faster than the "old" Concorde did.