The JB-10 is the first jetpack to go on sale.

After a series of successful tests in Europe, the creator of the JB-10 jetpack, David Maiman, announced that his brainchild is going on the free sale, however, he made a reservation: "for highly qualified buyers." Shipment of the first kits is scheduled for April-May 2017.

David Maiman, a former commercial pilot from Australia, developed the JB-10 with a team of engineers, equipping it with two miniature jet engines controlled by two joysticks.

Outwardly, the JB-10 fully fits into our idea of ​​a jetpack, which was once introduced to millions of moviegoers by 007 agent James Bond in the famous action movie "Fireball".

The unit itself is light enough to be carried by one person. Depending on the amount of fuel, the jetpack can stay in the air for 5 to 10 minutes, reach speeds of up to 96 km / h and lift a weight of about 160 kg. According to its creators, by order of the US Special Operations Command, a version of the knapsack with four engines with a carrying capacity of 317.5 kg is being developed.

Thanks to the crowdfunding campaign launched early last month, it was possible to raise 45, 000 of the required $ 379, 000. This money will help create an electric version of the backpack, which the developers intend to sell for $ 250, 000 each.

David Maiman has already flown over 400 flights in his personal JB-10, including around the Statue of Liberty.