Lexus unveils one-seat spacecraft concept

The division of Toyota, specializing in the production of premium cars - Lexus has declared itself in a somewhat unusual role. Lexus designers have unveiled the concept of a single-seat spacecraft of the future called Skyjet. It is worth, however, to make a clarification - the concept was created at the request of the eminent director Luc Besson for the new fantastic blockbuster "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets."

According to Luc Besson, Lexus was not chosen by chance, since the company actively uses modern technologies and innovations in its activities.

In fact, the goal was to create a dream vehicle that came true. The result is the Skyjet, a "spaceship" with a tubular structure tapering towards the rear engine, with two pairs of side fenders and a pair of additional fenders at the bottom. Air intakes are located on the sides of the cockpit, and the windshield provides the pilot with a panoramic view.

All Skyjet details were discussed in detail by the creative team with the design team led by Lexus Chief Engineer Takeaki Kato. Some elements of the fantastic ship can already be found today on the latest models of the world famous automaker.