Development of the first unmanned vessel for offshore operations begins

Today we can safely speak of the beginning of the era of unmanned vehicles in all directions - in the air, on land and on water. Even Rolls-Royce has taken up the design of waterborne drones, and some of them are already trying to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Now the British company Automated Ships and the Norwegian Kongsberg Maritime have announced the joint development of the autonomous vessel Hrönn for offshore operations.

The vessel will be engaged in the transportation of goods to offshore facilities, as well as the launch and repair of small remotely controlled or autonomous floating vehicles. Hrönn can be used at offshore energy facilities, in fisheries, for scientific and hydrographic research without human intervention.

In the beginning, Hrönn will be controlled remotely, but as the necessary algorithms are created, it will be transferred completely offline.

The ship will start building from the beginning of 2017 in Norway. If all goes according to plan, the Hrönn will be launched in 2018.