XShifter - wireless system for mechanical gear shifting of the bike

Electronic derailleurs are not new on bikes, with Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM brands enjoying a well-deserved reputation for precision, speed and responsiveness. But what about those who want the same effect, but do not regret giving up the good old mechanics? The XShifter startup offers a simple solution.

Device designer Paul Gallagher didn't just replace the wired connection between the remote and the switch itself with a radio signal. He designed and fine-tuned the entire system to accommodate a wide variety of gear shifter applications. For example, in the near future, the XShifter will receive a semi-automatic mode in addition to manual mode to synchronize the operation of the rear and front derailleurs.

Formally, this is a set of the switch itself, a signal receiver / transmitter and a remote control mounted on the steering wheel. In essence, it is a high-precision system that requires an initial individual calibration using an iOS or Android application. It is designed for both professional racers and extreme riders.

Depending on the intensity of gear shifting and operating conditions, the battery of an autonomous device will last for 5-15 thousand gear changes. In standby mode, it can be up to three months, the battery for the remote control is enough for a whole year. The startup is undergoing a fundraising period on Kickstarter, the cost of the XShifter kit for ordinary sponsors starts at $ 199.