Unmanned submarine Guardian announced

Juliet Marine Systems (JMS) tested the Ghost a few years ago, a catamaran with an air bubble generator around the hydrofoils. This reduces their friction on the water and increases the speed of movement and maneuvering. Now it is the turn of the Guardian - a submarine that can move both above and under water with the same effect.

It is based on the same principle of supercavitation, but in JMS they keep the secret about how the drone will use it underwater. The speed of movement in a semi-submerged state, when between the keel and the waterline remains 1, 2 m - 35 knots or 65 km / h. The dimensions of the unusual vessel are 9, 1 × 13, 7 m, it is propelled by a hybrid diesel-electric power plant.

A working prototype that could demonstrate the benefits of the technology live, including fuel economy, is not yet available. JMS promises to build it within 18-24 months after they decide on the customer. The focus is on the naval forces, which require a marine analogue of a quadrocopter - a compact, autonomous, fast and unobtrusive drone. It can scout or attack targets in coastal waters using herded flock tactics.