Wave Chaser - a hybrid of a catamaran and a windsurfer

A team of Australian engineers has made a change to the traditional design of the windsurfer - now it will look like a catamaran. The name of the new craft is Wave Chaser.

As conceived by the creators, the windsurfer-catamaran will combine the balance between hydrodynamic lift and maneuverability. The Wave Chaser is designed for a crew of two with a total weight of up to 180 kg. The windsurfers are equipped with 2 compact sails, which provide effective “catching” of the wind in motion.

The disadvantages of a windsurfer-catamaran include the significant weight of each board - 20 kg each. For comparison, a typical windsurfer weighs between 6 and 10 kg. With sails and a central platform, the catamaran weighs 67.6 kg.

According to project manager Nigel McBride, the team is working to reduce the vessel's weight to 50kg by using carbon fiber and a hollow structure. The crew will be able to assemble the new Wave Chaser in 20 minutes.

“We have created a completely unique craft, ” says Nigel McBride. “The Wave Chaser is two planing hulls created on the principle of a windsurfer. It is a windsurfer catamaran, able to move quickly on calm water, stable and very maneuverable, yet quite resistant to strong winds and high waves. "