Aerovelo bike accelerates to 144 km / h, setting a new speed record

The Aerovelo Eta is a bike with a specially designed aerodynamic fairing that is propelled by the muscular power of one person. During the World Human Powered Speed ​​Challenge in Nevada, the pilot managed to accelerate it to 144.17 km / h, setting a new world record for this vehicle category.

Achievement in spite of - The Aerovelo team laments that during the tests they were constantly pursued by annoying failures. At first there was a mistake with the weather forecast, the wind was stronger than expected, and the air was colder. Then, when crossing the 140 km / h line, an incident occurred with a bullet-shaped nose cone - a flock of insects crashed on it, spoiling the aerodynamic properties of the bike.

I had to coat the shell with a special spray, add oil to the bearings, and wait until the autumn sun warms up the desert in the slightest degree. The difference between the previous record and the new one is small, only 4.73 km / h. But the fact is the fact - for the first time in the world, a bike, driven by the power of one person, got so close to a speed of one and a half hundred km / h, inaccessible to many cars.

In a year, Aerovelo plans to introduce an updated Eta model that will try to break its own record.